About Us

Artwort Gallery is an online place that updates the heritage and experience of classic art galleries by exploiting the means made available by technological development. With periodic exhibitions resulting from collaborations with curators and daily insights, the project aims to highlight different emerging artists carefully selected to an audience of young collectors, art enthusiasts or onlookers.

Artwort Gallery is the answer to a question that still does not find space: to allow the new generations, be they artists or collectors, not to feel cut off from something that is a symbol of unreachable (for those who create) and elitism (for those who buy).

Artwort Gallery is a project by Artwort

Artwort is an independent blog that addresses many of the fields related to design. It was born from a great passion for arts and a strong desire for sharing and collaboration.
Started from Naples and based in Milan, Artwort discovers, questions and shares all the beautiful things it encounters, both in the online and offline world.

Artwort People

Martina Bliss (Founder)

Gianluigi Peccerillo (Supervisor)

Tommaso Cattolico (Web Design)

Fabiana Dicuonzo (Content Editor)

Salvatore Pastore (Photographer)


info [at] artwortgallery.com


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