Andrea Mangione was born in Catania in 1986. His artistic research is an intuitive exploration of memory and sensation. Combining traditional techniques such as painting and drawing with digital techniques, his images show a filtered and internalized reality, through the representation of elements that achieve a predominantly evocative shade.

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Animated by the law of “stupor”, Mangione begins in 2005 with the reproduction of fragments of pastel images whose choice is primarily dictated by the suggestions conveyed by magazine clippings Over the years, works range from the private and intimate dimension of the interior-domestic environment to the dimension of the public space: the city.
Driven by the perceptive-emotional act, the images tend to emerge from an original internal sensation and then be completed by fantasy, memory, or an experience that sediments them. His subject is often the “non-subject” supported by details useful for a lateral and translated imagination, broken fragments of a silent and dense imagination. The visible and its off-screen become a mental extension of places. The flow of the city remains, getting lost inside it, a maze of sensations.
Mangione collaborates with his brother Marco on the Gummy Gue project, actively participating in the realization of works in the public space. Since 2013 he has been the co-founder of Ritmo, a project based in Catania that promotes the work of artists who work in different fields of contemporaneity.


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