Evgeniya Skubina is a freelance artist and illustrator. She lives in Moscow, in a place very close to nature, where there is no occasional reconciliation with nature but only a daily encounter with it. Her acrylic paintings bring a cool breeze to the face of the beholder.


Minimalist and abstract, flowers, grasslands, still life, and female figures alternate in the artist’s works in an atmosphere of peaceful harmony. The scenes portray timeless moments, in contact with unspoiled nature, or convivial days with friends where it is easy to imagine laughter accompanied by tasty food. In love with the smallest and most precious moments of life, surrounded by the purity of the essential, Evgeniya Skubina transfers her positive emotions in her works one step away from perfect reality. The warm colors, illuminated by the summer light, persist in each compositions, from outdoor representations, immersed in the landscapes of her land, to indoor scenes. Not only nature and objects of domestic life inhabit her paintings: in the Girls series, female figures attract attention with graceful and magnetic poses, animating themselves with a powerful and soft force. Calm narratives and moments of life wrapped in essentials make the works of the Moscow artist evidence of an ephemeral and eternal perfection.
As an illustrator she worked with such magazines as Tatler, Glamour, Seasons, Ornament, brands Yandex, Megafon, Jardin Coffee, media platforms the Village, Afisha Daily and others.


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