Gummy Gue

The public art of Gummy Gue (Marco Mangione, born in Catania in 1986) can be seen pointing the nose up or down on the streets of the Italian and European cities. His artistic process, originating from the graffiti-writing environment, expands mainly in the public space transforming it into a playful-creative microcosm where play and sport are the only reigning rules.


Oriented towards the construction of sports facilities, places of collectivity, Gummy Gue opens his gaze to an atmosphere full of positivity. Pastel colors fluctuate and vibrate on horizontal and vertical surfaces: facades of buildings, in the suburbs or in forgotten spaces, become the logical pretext to regenerate the architectural and social context in which they exist. At the beginning of his career, the sicilian artist created iconic characters and figures that open up in a synthesis of form and language that lead to a plain and abstract code. The curved, broken, or parallel lines define the large surfaces of color that coexist in a serene and sparkling balance. His dynamic public art covers the spaces with invisible creative energy.
From the city, Gummy Gue challenges his creation into the indoor, in smaller environments, in order to design notebooks or small graphics that continue to enclose his entire world. As in the famous quote by Ernesto Nathan Rogers “From the spoon to the city”, from the smallest to the largest scale, Gummy Gue’s research spreads in Italy and abroad, tackling internationally recognized projects such as Playground in Alessandria, Skatepark in Ravenna, and Orbital in Breda, the Netherlands. He has been accompanied since 2010 by Andrea Mangione who actively participates in the implementation of interventions in the public space. Since 2013 he is the co-founder of Ritmo, an artistic dissemination project based in Catania that promotes the work of artists working in various fields of the contemporary world.


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