Kissi Ussuki

Justė Urbonavičiūtė, aka Kissi Ussuki, is a freelance illustrator based in Vilnius, Lithuania. The main subject of her works are faces, hands, and other parts of the body built in surreal and absurd compositions wrapped in ironic and magnetic symbolism.

Kissi Ussuki

The face depicting thought. Faces with long tapered noses in similpongo are exceptionally charismatic, hypnotizing, they hide questions, reflections, and unspoken emotions. Wrapped in a pink aura, the Lithuanian artist’s acrylic paintings are inspired by cinema, music, and all her other passions. In addition to drawing and painting, she is also a photographer, art director and graphic designer. The more professional commitments she has, the more creativity she brings to her creations, matrices of a psychologically healthy narrative. Kissi Ussuki’s works are carriers of messages such as body-positivity and the free expression of one’s feelings. From sunny happiness to the sad and sincere manifestation of one’s tears, every moment of life is to be celebrated with a pinch of irony and bright colors.
Kissi Ussuki has worked for local and international brands such as Snapchat, The New York Times, Dame Products, Refinery29, Robinhood, Preview and Opéra Orchester National Montpellier.


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