J’s apartment has an overwhelming feeling of drowsiness, everything around is the demonstration of how loaf and lazy J is. In this chaos, artworks of eight artists are hung on the walls. Some on the ground, others by the bed, one in front of the window. Lazy J lives in an alienating domestic space without a quality, surrounded by four walls and a roof. Outside is an ordinary suburb that could be anywhere in the world, maybe it’s Europe, we are not sure. However, as in Bachelard’s Poetics of space, this room evokes J’s memories. The objects open chapters of their life and create a strange interplay of associations between images and emotions.
This room is the venue of the exhibition. J is not home and left a message. Visitors are invited to read the message, and answer it, if they want to. They will look for the artworks that surround J’s domestic environment and get an idea of what has happened. Thoughts are objects and vice versa.


Project curated by ANTILIA
Curators: Fabiana Dicuonzo e Giuseppe Resta
Graphic Design: Coconut Studio

Antilia is a curatorial project that travels to different locations. It occupies
spaces that are neglected and injects them with events and exhibitions. The aim is to regenerate and bring focus on the decaying urban spaces in Southern Italy and elsewhere. Each cultural event establishes a dialogue with different cultural, geographical, and social contexts. Antilia has been active since 2018 with events, exhibitions, and workshops, in which more than 100 artists, architects, designers and photographers have shown their work.

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