Mary Cinque

Artist, illustrator, and graphic designer, Mary Cinque, born in Italy and a traveler by birth, has an incessant need to explore the world and learn new stories to tell.

by matteo cinque

After the childhood lived between Italy and Ethiopia, her professional and artistic life was profoundly defined by the experiences in Naples and Milan where she attended the Academy of Fine Arts. Her career was also enriched by the knowledge and skills acquired during the periods living in Philadelphia, London, and New York. But her fresh and lively creativity is born from her origins: her grandfather was a photographer and taught her the art of capturing the beauty hidden in the small little things and the art of celebrating the aesthetics of everyday life. Fascinated by the common moments, the details, the shapes, and the physicality of the world around her, Mary Cinque lets herself be carried away by felt-tip pens or the creaminess of oil pastels quickly sketching the life moment that lights up her mind. The results are scenes of urban spaces, glimpses of architecture or occasions born inside a supermarket, a bar, the places characterized by the community and the fortuity. The artist, who lives and works in Agerola, jumps from carpe diem to more meditative technique. She makes use of photography to return more thoughtfully to the views she observed using acrylics, oil pastels on paper or canvas. In a soft dimension where the essentials are the gestures, the looks, the details highlighted by the lightness of the color, Mary Cinque travels and continues to travel in herself and in the daily reality that reveals the most authentic beauty of the world.


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