Matete Martini

Born in 1994 in Pordenone, Francesca Martini, AKA Matete Martini, is an Italian figurative artist. Her artist-studio is based in her hometown where she imprints the space with her shapes, her body and her art.

Matete Martini

The body is the matrix that underlies the artist’s research, it becomes the primary language of expression of the acrylic or on oil canvases. Similarly to a cinematographic film that breaks up fragments of life in movement, the Friulian artist captures the fleeting moment and translates it into a sensitive and visceral painting that discovers the invisible. This stylistic code becomes the bearer of an intimate, private and profound observation that proclaims a direct and graceful vision of the human being’ femininity, free from any concept of gender.
In a dimension of participatory complicity, Matete Martini often insinuates herself into the lives of performers and dancers, enhancing their most sublime side of the body: dance. Led by the masters of futurism and metaphysics, the sinuous and dynamic subjects exude a powerful and magnetic truth, crystallized in a composition that finds its adequacy in the perfection of the defect. The palette, always bold and daring, gives vigor to the figures that, stripped bare of everything, reveals the soul. Sincere, authentic and alive, the art of Matete Martini has travelled to galleries in Milan, Rome, London (sottosaleproject, 2019-2021) and New York (Soho House, 2020) embracing all the stories and all the forms of the world.


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