Stefano Pane Monfeli is a visual artist and graphic designer. Born in Rome in 1974, Pane (this is his tag) graduated in 1993 in graphics and applied art from the Statal Institute of Art in Rome. From 1996 he has been attending the Academy of Fine Arts for three years and began working as a cartoonist and graphic designer.

Stefano Pane Monfeli

He openly speaks about his artistic life in the book “People think I’m cool” published in 2011 where he shows his varied artistic work that emerged from the passions for cartoons, illustrations and caricatures and was born on the edges of the Roman suburbs. Pane was part of the panorama of Roman hip hop culture, and began practicing aerosol art during the nineties, better known as graffiti writing, becoming one of the founders of Why Style. He celebrates the history of graffiti in Rome by writing in 2002 the book “Just Push the Botton – Writing Metropolitano” published by Stampa Alternativa – Nuovi Equilibri. The city, as a vibrant and lively stage, became the main scene of the artist who expressed himself with the highest forms of experimentation, leaving his trace, his tag, everywhere. Hats are his signature and Pane’s Pizza is another trademark. The change of register, more intimate and orderly, began in 2004 when Pane moved to Amsterdam, a city where he still lives and works today as an artist and graphic designer. In a critical and reasoned position on art, Stefano Pane Monfeli goes into more abstract and subtle works, where writing appears as an indelible imprint in his thought. Illustrations, paintings, installations, and editorial projects are some of the artist’s means of expression. Among his exhibitions: ‘Fences’ within the collective exhibition Cross the streets at the Macro museum in Rome (2017); “Paragone” at Galerie LJ Paris (2013).

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